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what a bad sunday morning

11 July 2009 by lingga murni andarini , under

I feel so nothing this morning. I open my eyes then I cry. I know what I’m thinking about. I’m getting exhausted. I’m getting bored.. Someone said that relationship can’t be my life. But that’s wrong. It does really can be my life! I just can write, listen to the songs, and enjoy. I need someone to tell that everything will be ok! I can’t tell it to myself. It doesn’t work! Have a nice day all! hope your day will be better than yesterday.

my holiday movies

02 July 2009 by lingga murni andarini , under

I'm getting bored in this holiday. No beach till today. yeah! what can I do except watch the movies in my room and doing some internet stuff? nothing else. But, I try to be productive nowadays by writing something here.

I really love these films. I am Sam tells us that nobody's perfect and everybody need love. Sam did everything to get her daughter back. I love the chemistry between them, Sam and her daughter Lucy. Evening is also a romantic drama film. a simple love story with classic setting. I love the picture. Home, sail boat, and the sea. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is also interesting. I can't tell you more about these films. cause I'm not in the mood for it. Hope I can write the review immediately.

share some words

30 June 2009 by lingga murni andarini , under

I don’t like this. Waiting for going bed with a lot of things on mind. Oh I can't! so i decided to surfing the internet (again and again). I browse so many blogs tonight and I find the great one. You can see a lot of tumblrs and quotes as a reminder for your life. check this out i can read

Here are my favorites.

nice rite? just believe that tomorrow will be better than today.

for you! fighter! no more give up!

i like this one. you can't do this in your real life.

look at the second statement. prepare for the worst for everything.

some people said that I'm weird. wrong! I'm unique and I love myself.

just a simple note

29 June 2009 by lingga murni andarini , under

Finally, i change my blog template. not really bad, rite? hehe :D I wish I can keep my hand to fill in the new blog. Someone said that the one who keeps on writing is the one who has a healthy mind. I hope that I can be like that one..

so, keep on reading everybody. no matter how bad my writings are. I wish I could be a good writer then. have a nice holiday : )